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Who wants me to send them a letter?

I was just out buying a card for mother’s day, but the only way I could buy postage was in a book of 20 stamps. So that leaves me with 19 more letters to send, who wants one? In a letter, you could get:

  • Long-winded rambling from ME, about my personal life and what I’ll guess is happening in yours as well.
  • Attempts at conversation on whatever topics I’ll assume you’re interested in based on your blogs.
  • A MOTHERFUCKING HELLA MASS CHILL CD MIXTAPE OF WHATEVER I’M JAMMING AT THE MOMENT!?!? It won’t be (all) metal, I promise. Unless you actually like metal, haha.
  • Random shitty doodles and drawings!
  • whatever, idk

If this sounds good to you, send me your mailing address in an ask and I’ll get right to work! Please don’t let me have spent 9 whole dollars on stamps I’ll never make use of.

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